Welcome to R3V.Lab

R3V.Lab combines state of the Art Proof of Capacity mining with FPGA-acceleration and AI Technology


R3V.Lab delivers innovative AI crypto mining hardware for corporate and retail that will kick start the next cycle of low entry, secure, ecologically sustainable, and truly decentralised cryptocurrency mining, ensuring maximum fairness and negligible energy consumption, restoring the true spirit of Satoshi Nakamoto’s vision of a decentralised future in which everyone can participate.


Our objectives are: research & development of FPGA-accelerated Proof of Capacity mining, providing the hardware platforms to bring PoC into the mainstream, to continually refine and develop more efficient and secure FPGA mining algorithms, research & development of FPGA-accelerated trading/arbitrage systems and research & development of FPGA-accelerated AI/machine learning applications.


“We believe that Proof of Capacity mining is the next solution for the future of distributed ledger technology and will secure the future of both Distributed Ledger Technology and cryptocurrency”

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