The R3V.Lab team has created an innovative platform for Proof of Capacity mining, the AI-883. This FPGA- accelerated platform, combines high performance computing with a massive array of HDD storage. It combines flexibility with extremely low power consumption resulting in a dramatic reduction in plotting time when compared to conventional GPU plotting. And a consequent increase in ROI.


This project represents more than a year of full-time research and development by the R3V.Lab team.


We have developed the world’s first FPGA accelerated storage platform, custom built from the ground up to implement Proof of Capacity mining, as well as ultra low latency arbitrage trading and AI applications capability. Ongoing AI-883 development will focus on increased processing power, increased flexibility and lower power consumption. It will be the only platform to mine multiple PoC based cryptocurrencies and support PoC based blockchains, while having the capability of running multiple low latency AI applications simultaneously.


  • PoC hashing power gains are significant. The AI-883 platform delivers approximately 1600% increase in hashrate using approximately 30% less electricity than similar platforms in the current market.
  •  Plotting time is reduced from 32 hours per 8 Tb drive to around 2 hours.


Cryptocurrency Mining Target Selector


  •  The AI-883 FPGA-based selection algorithm is based on real-time data from different networks and exchanges.
  • Tracking the usual ticker symbols and metrics allows us to identify the most profitable coins in real time


Many business processes can be accelerated by the use of FPGAs. Speed is one of the benefits that FPGA chips can deliver, but it is certainly not the only one. FPGA integration can help create safer trading environments, save on expenses, and thus increase revenues.


Arbitrage and High Frequency Trading

  • FPGA-accelerated hardware is the last word in the creation of IT infrastructures with ultra-low latency. Featuring parallel architecture and deterministic nature,


FPGA chips can rapidly perform complex mathematical computations and exchange data with trading exchanges. They operate with low latency in all market conditions. This approach increases trade frequency and gives us a competitive advantage in high-frequency markets where trades are executed in nanoseconds.


We continually invest in faster software, faster networks, and faster hardware solutions in order to minimize the delay between data capture and orders submission

  • Security Compliance
  • Performing a near-real-time assessment of portfolios, they allow financial companies to meet the stringent risk management requirements set by regulatory bodies.
  • Cheaper Maintenance
  • One well designed FPGA platform can replace 100 regular CPUs with a corresponding reduction in operating costs.
  • Lower Energy
  • Higher Profits
  • FPGA implementations are simpler and cheaper to maintain than a data centre containing conventional servers.
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