The Benefits of PoC.

Proof-of-Capacity makes no compromise:


It is inherently secure

  • Proof of Capacity uses only a small part of the physical hardware; the hard drive, making it easier to secure than the entire computer system as used by Proof of Work and Proof of Stake.


ECO Friendly

  • Infinitely greener than Proof of Work. Each transaction on the BTC network consumes around 1000 KWh. A transaction on the Burst network consumes no more than 0.0024KWh. A factor of 400,000



  • HDD’s are relatively inexpensive, while anything with flash memory or some hard disk space, even a handphone, can be used for PoC mining.



  • Currently PoC is able to process around 80 TpS, increasing in accordance with the increase of the network. Truly decentralized.
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