R3V.Lab combines state of the Art Proof of Capacity mining with FPGA and AI Technology.

The crypto mining industry, due to its Proof of Work algorithm, running on an ever increasing environment unfriendly energy consumption protocol, is not sustainable. Apart from the energy aspect, it is evident that, currently, due to its limited scalability the much desired global adoption of cryptocurrency transactions appears not to be feasible running on the traditional PoW mining algorithm. An alternative, superior solution is required to achieve mainstream implementation of cryptocurrencies. Alternatives are being explored and one promising solution is the Proof of Stake algorithm. Proof of Stake however comes with its own set of concessions and neither is regarded as the ultimate solution.


On the hardware level in the evolution of consensus algorithms, the CPU, followed by the GPU, in turn replaced by ASICs, have all been exploited, resulting in the current unsustainable mining environment. The last usable computer component, not yet exploited, is the harddrive and offers a beautiful cost effective, secure and eco-friendly opportunity for crypto-mining.


In 2014 Burst introduced Burstcoin and with that Proof of capacity mining to the world. A consensus algorithm utilizing a computer’s hard drive. PoC ticks all the criteria; secure, smart, clean, very fast and ultra energy efficient, with the added bonus that it has such a low entry level, that anyone with a hard drive can participate, supporting true decentralisation. In fact the more people participate, the stronger and the more scalable the network becomes.


Anticipating an increasing interest in PoC, in 2017 R3V.Lab began developing PoC mining technology, aiming to bring a more viable, scalable and decentralised mining solution to the wider public to maximise gains, whilst supporting Satoshi Nakamoto’s vision of a fair, truly decentralised monetary system. Anticipating on- and advocating the next imminent cycle of crypto-mining, R3V.Lab is proud to introduce the world’s first and revolutionary AI-883 mining platform, combining FPGA / AI technology with Proof of Capacity consensus algorithm, gearing the AI-883 rig specifically towards PoC mining and AI utilization.

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